The first under-eye wrinkles can appear during the 30s, but it is possible to delay their appearance by having a good daily skin care routine. To slow the aging process of the skin, there needs to be daily care, but it most importantly needs to be done with the proper products! Here is our opinion and review of multiple products as well as a few tips!



Even though Botox treatments are highly requested by young Canadian and American women under 30 to stop wrinkles from appearing, it is important to remember that everyone is concerned by expression wrinkles. In fact, facial expressions mark glabella wrinkles (between eyebrows) and crow’s feet (eye contour). Even though we don’t find them esthetically pleasing, they are present to show our current facial expression and they are also a part of our personality. They also prevent us from having a fixed and smooth face that would make us look less human. Expression wrinkles around the eyes may require daily treatment or Botox when they are apparent while the face is relaxed.


Because we recommend not abusing of anti-wrinkle treatments, we want to guide you towards products that will delay the appearance of first under-eye wrinkles by taking care of that part of the face. Thin, fragile, but continuously subject to numerous movements, the skin that contours the eyes should ideally be protected from external aggressions every morning, and taken care of every night. To do so, we recommend products made of Matrixyl, which is currently one of the most efficient products against aging of the skin contouring our eyes. It is an anti-wrinkle substance that restores the skin’s metabolism and naturally reproduces a portion of collagen. It also favours hydration regulation at the areas where it is applied and yields many firming benefits enhancing skin elasticity. The strengthened and filled cutaneous structure will naturally reduce irregularities and the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and crow’s feet. The long-term effects of Matrixyl have been proven by the biggest scientific cosmetic laboratories.


If your wrinkles are recent and not deep, a cream or anti-aging serum will help reduce their appearance. If you would like to have them disappear, injections of filling agents or neuromodulators such as Botox will be necessary to relax the muscles. Hyaluronic acid is one of the most efficient filling agent for under-eyes since it is able to replace lost volume, giving a smooth contour at the area of injection. Beware of revolutionary anti-aging creams in advertisements that contain vitamins and molecules. They are often unrealistic, since no deep wrinkle can be erased with a cream. Furthermore, they rarely contain active ingredients that act on wrinkles or they do in very minimal quantities. To prevent making mistakes, ask Novaderma’s expert and qualified team for some tips.

Mélanie Forest

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