Being at the frontier between cosmetic and medical fields, cosmeceutical gets its name by combining “cosmetic” and “pharmaceutical”. This field is currently growing fast and gaining lots of attention from consumers by creating expert care products with highly efficient technical formulas, making them an excellent alternative to aesthetic surgery and filling agents.  




The cosmeceutical optimizes treatment, meaning it uses a maximal dose of certain ingredients to obtain an optimal efficiency. We can describe the cosmeceutical beauty products like medicine for the skin, equivalent to health food in the food industry. Contrary to cosmetics, cosmeceuticals don’t invest in advertisement nor product promotion since they are exclusively sold in medical clinics, where clients can have a complete and personalized evaluation of their skin type and needs. The primary difference between both is the number of clinical studies which prove the efficiency of the products. According to doctor Sheldon Pinnell, founder of SkinCeuticals, ce sont les résultats que nous voulons obtenir qui dirigent la réalisation de nos formules.” Cosmeceutical products are made of ingredients with biological properties that were scientifically proven and have long-term effects. The active ingredients are chosen on a scientific database issued from biomedical research for their efficiency and not because of a trend (cosmetics)!


Cosmeceuticals are used to fulfill specific needs such as filling wrinkles, preventing brown spots and skin sagging. They are highly hydrating and antioxidant, which makes the skin smooth, firm and soft. Because the skin goes through a double process of intrinsic deterioration and aging as well as extrinsic deterioration due to environmental aggression such as sun rays, pollution, tobacco, stress and bad nutrition habits, the therapeutic approach of these products play a major role on various aspects.


The international cosmeceutical market is constantly increasing and represents 1.7 billion dollars annually, with 44% coming from the United States alone. The huge growth in this market can be explained by consumers wanting to take care of themselves, slow the aging process, but mostly to have high quality products that don’t cause side effects.  It also comes from the increase in non-surgical procedures (filling agents). In fact, cosmeceutical products extend the benefits of the procedures by guaranteeing instant results, without any convalescence period. Furthermore, because they are sold exclusively in medico-aesthetic or surgical clinics, which attract more and more individuals, cosmeceutical sales are quickly rising.


  • SKIN MEDICA products are developed by Allergan, the leader in the medical industry and owner of patents for Botox and Juvederm. They are highly concentrated and very efficient.
  • Anti-aging products from Alyria are made in Quebec and contain retinol, vitamin C, Matrixyl and glycolic acid.
  • Obagi Medical Products, a company whose line is entirely developed by doctors, offers exceptional skin care products.
  • Is Clinical, a Californian brand, offers elaborate products based on natural botanical principals. They are very popular in the United States and used by many famous individuals.

Mélanie Forest

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