When aging, the effects of gravity on the skin are noticed and we search for solutions to firm the oval of our face. Cell renewal is quick when we are young, but takes more time as we age. This slowing negatively affects collagen production and causes skin sagging. Our reflection in the mirror does not show firm and well-defined skin like it used to. So, what can we do?

Firm the facial oval with the «Non-surgical facial lift»

The name says it, this method is NON-SURGICAL! It is also our professional injector Marlène Morin’s specialty. When talking about aesthetic surgeries for facial rejuvenation, the most common techniques are the lifting and blepharoplasty. Know that many plastic surgeons use neuromodulators (Botox) and filling agents as the final touch.

Surgeons offer impressive results, but they are not for every budget and definitely not for all situations. When talking about firming the facial oval and skin tightening, volumizing fillers are an excellent solution. Administered by a professional with experience, hyaluronic acid fillers can greatly correct and enhance those two problematics. Those are highly efficient products when it comes to filling hollows and to give the skin some volume and density. Injected at desired areas, they are semi-permanent with results that can last from 8 to 12 months. If you are nervous about feeling some pain, the professional usually uses a topical anesthesia at the injection area. Furthermore, fillers already contain anesthesia to ensure your comfort. After a consultation, you will know which products suit you best for optimal results.

2. Tighten facial skin using LASER TITAN

Even though fillers are the most popular alternative in medico-aesthetic clinics, some patients prefer benefits offered by laser treatments.

Laser TITAN offers a totally natural, non-surgical and injection-free face-lift. A natural and performing option to give your face some firmness and strength.

This treatment uses an inoffensive infrared light to heat up the derm under the surface of the skin. The heating of tissues creates an immediate contraction of collagen, which firms the skin. After the treatment, the increase in collagen production reinforces the tissue structure and improves skin firmness, reducing wrinkles. The results last for months. To firm the facial oval, laser TITAN therefore offers progressive results with a gradual production that allows the treated tissue to gain firmness. We recommend one treatment per month for three months.

3. Every patient is unique, it is therefore your choice!

Obviously, every face is different and it is important to respect its physiognomy. Hyaluronic acid injections are often perceived as a form of art! It requires lots of experience to offer our patients natural results. It is the same with the laser TITAN. Unlike aesthetic surgeries, these two solutions are non-invasive and without recovery.

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