Very often, we associate dark circles and under-eye bags to a bad life hygiene. Tobacco, alcohol and a lack of sleep can play a major role on the presence of those signs of fatigue. Under-eye circles seem permanent and that is where hyaluronic acid injectables come in handy.

Did you know that those dark circles bothering us can also be caused by heredity or related to our skin’s natural aging process? As years go by, we notice a progressive reduction of collagen. Some areas of the face lose their volume and the skin becomes thinner under the eyes. Because the skin contouring our eyes is already very thin and sensitive, it lets blood vessels show, which gives us an exhausted look. To treat those dark circle and replace the lost volume, we recommend some adapted products that show impressive results.

  • REDENSITY II from TEOSYAL™ is a hyaluronic acid made with vitamin B6, antioxidants, minerals and amino acids. It not only efficiently corrects dark circles and under-eye hollows, this product also nourishes this area from inside. We inject it directly under the eyes to create some density at the problematic region. After the treatment, there is very minimal swelling. The results are excellent!
  • R[II] EYES from TEOXANE is a new product that completely changes under-eye skin care. [II] EYES comes from the same manufacturer as the hyaluronic acid Redensity II and uses ingredients of its filling agent. It is therefore a very unique product! It combines properties of the filling agent, benefits from cosmeceutical advantages of the anti-aging complex Teoxane and gives a combination of nourishing hydration and skin tightening. The two associated products create the perfect solution for the eye contour area. It is also perfect for sensitive skins and to maintain your treatment’s results.

Hyaluronic acid injections will make your under-eye circles disappear and the daily skin care R[II] EYES will allow you to maintain long-term results.

You will therefore solve this dark circle issue rather than always trying to cover them up using concealers which are often expensive and drying for your skin.

Furthermore, we know that applying too much makeup on the skin can put the emphasis on wrinkles and skin imperfections instead of hiding them. With this choice of treatment and the expert hands of our professional injectors, you will look your best at all times!

Hyaluronic acid injections will give you a well-rested and rejuvenated look: your eyes will now reflect your actual state! It is also a durable solution since the results last for months. Make sure to consult a professional and be well-informed because every face is unique!

To conclude, we often say that eyes are the reflection of our soul, that they illustrate our character and emotions; offer them the attention and care they deserve!

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