PRP is a completely biocompatible and natural anti-aging treatment since it consists of reinjecting your own blood plasma at the surface of the skin to enhance its appearance and give it a youth glow. It is an autologous treatment that has been used for many years in surgery to stimulate the regeneration of damaged tissues.

We knew it worked in surgery, but it is within our clientele, at Novaderma, that we notice the anti-aging benefits of PRP treatments: improvement of skin texture, complexion and hair growth. It also has preventive qualities that we love!

#1 — Skin texture

Toned skin, reduced fine lines, tight pores, renewed texture: expectations are more than fulfilled thanks to PRP treatment. The natural and completely biocompatible regenerative properties of your blood plasma make it the go-to ingredient for cellular renewal. Reinjected in the face, neck and skin, the plasma stimulates collagen fibers and gives the skin elasticity and tonus. Scars and fine lines’ appearance will be reduced and the general aspect of the skin greatly improved.

#2 — Complexion glow

A beautiful peachy complexion: here is another obvious result of PRP treatments on the faces of my clients. The pigmentation of the skin is greatly enhanced for a healthy glow. You will look “top shape” and people will compliment you! It is exactly what we want, right?

#3 — Hair growth

The exceptional properties of blood plasma can also be put towards hair growth stimulation. Injected in the scalp, PRP stimulates microcirculation around hair to provide nourishment and strength. My clients are happy to notice a significant reduction in hair loss and the growth of new healthy hair. The results are mostly noticeable on sparse hair that will naturally become denser and look healthier.

#4 — In prevention

Better safe than sorry, right? Of course, but we can also do both. PRP is the best treatment to start or complete your anti-aging routine. 3 sessions every 3 to 4 weeks to start, followed by 2 yearly maintenance appointments will help slowing the aging process of your skin. And don’t forget, it’s is completely BIO!

Here’s what a PRP treatment looks like:

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Professional nurse injector

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