During a pregnancy, your body goes through many changes that can leave scars and modify your silhouette even after giving birth. The most affected area is obviously the stomach. The skin is extremely solicited – since the volume of the skin increases, the skin needs to stretch in an unusual way. Furthermore, it is not uncommon to notice a weight gain, sometimes highly important. To achieve a flat stomach after a pregnancy, there are many different medium-term solutions that will require dedication and consistency to obtain visible and long-lasting results.

1 – Have a good life hygiene

First of all, you need to get some rest. Take some time to gain some forces and evacuate the stress related to giving birth. Try to have regular and balanced eating habits. After this intense experience, it is not necessarily recommended to go on a weight-loss diet since it could be too harsh on your body. A healthy diet should be enough to find a certain balance and naturally achieve your original weight. Be careful not to start training too intensively since your body needs some rest. However, you can slowly re-educate your muscles, pelvic floor and stomach by performing exercises that target those areas.

2 – Enhance your skin’s firmness

After a pregnancy, you should focus particularly on your skin since it experienced an important trauma. It underwent unusual pressures and tensions during many months. The skin, in particular on the stomach, is relaxed and therefore lost its firmness. You will need to re-educate your skin and help it find its original firmness. In order to do so, there exists the Venus Legacy treatment, which is very efficient and offers results right after the first session without any surgical intervention. It reduces the waist’s circumference by giving the skin some firmness. For optimal results, we recommend 6 to 8 sessions of 45 minutes each. The technique consists of a pulsed suction that diffuses thermal energy across the body that is capable of reaching different layers of the skin. This helps stimulating blood flow and causes a lymphatic drainage. Your body will be modified overall since the treatment acts both on the skin and on fat tissue masses. This treatment can’t be performed on breastfeeding mothers and can only be administered 6 months after giving birth.t.

3 – Give your skin its original appearance

The skin is sometimes damaged by a pregnancy – cellulite, cutaneous relaxation, scars and stretch marks can happen at the areas where there was the most tension. To counter the visible effects of a damaged skin, you can go for the Endymed Intensive treatment. This efficient and non-surgical treatment is based on three combined elements: micro-needles, radio-frequencies and active transdermal products. Micro-needles act on the skin by creating micro-channels that let the conditioning products penetrate better across different layers of the skin. The treatment stimulates tissues and activates your metabolism as well as the production of collagen and elastin – your skin becomes visibly smoother. Endymed Intensive works very well for the face and especially well for stretch marks on the stomach. With this treatment, you will notice a net improvement of your skin’s appearance and a reduction of stretch marks and scars. Just like Venus Legacy, it is highly recommend to wait 6 months after giving birth and to avoid it while breastfeeding. To achieve a flat stomach, the best option is to combine those different treatments since they act directly and specifically on the different causes of your skin’s degradation, offering very good results.

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