Although draining massages are recognized for their efficiency against cellulite, endermologie is the technological revolution in that field. It uses the palping/rolling technique and combines it to a vacuum system to give unique results. LPG Endermologie products counter cellulite, sculpt the silhouette, smooths and tonifies the skin, while activating blood flow and destocking fats.

LPG Endermologie

Endermologie is a technique patented by the firm LPG and is performed using a machine called the Cellu M6 by LPG. This high technological machine performs a mechanical massage on the skin and the subcutaneous tissues. This remodelling technique allows to reduce the appearance of cellulite by activating natural processes of fat tissue drainage. Using head equipped with independent and motorized rolls, the skin finds its smooth and flexible aspect.

Endermologie to treat cellulite

During treatments, the technician will roll the head on the body of the individual wearing an integral piece of clothing called the Endermowear. The certified technician will adapt the intensity of the treatment to amount of cellulite present and will focus on areas that need a deeper treatment. Stimulated by motorized massaging rolls, fibroblasts release collagen and elastin. This allows fat cells to detach from their current position, leaving space for a smooth, rejuvenated and visibly clearer skin.


The following results are offered by the deep work of Endermologie:

  • Activate the natural drainage process of fat tissues for a slimmer silhouette
  • Favours blood and lymphatic flow across the body
  • Remarkably reduces cellulite
  • Reduces muscular pain
  • Firms and smoothes skin

According to specialists, results vary depending on morphology, physiology and eating habits of each individual. It is therefore important to always get the treatment at a clinic that has experience and is specialized in LPG treatments. Endermologie is a technique adapted for individuals with cellulite at different areas on their bodies but that can’t seem to get rid of it with sport or healthy eating habits.

Here is what an endermologie treatment can look like (note that this is our old machine):



Main advantages:

  • Contrary to other cellulite treatments, endermologie acts on the entire silhouette – arms, buttocks, thighs and even the stomach can be treated by this technique.
  • This method is therapeutic. It is ideal for individuals with water retention issues, heavy legs or bad blood flow. Rather than potentially harming them like other treatments, endermologie will activate blood flow.
  • Endermologie does not only treatment cellulite – it also offers a global fat reduction action.
  • Endermologie is painless and does not leave any bruises on the skin.

Endermologie treatment duration recommendation

Novaderma recommends a cure of at least 15 treatments of 45 minutes each with 2 treatments every week. Once the cure is completed, it is recommended to keep maintenance sessions every 4 weeks to maintain the results. The first month of treatment is very important as it will send signals to awaken cells. It is therefore crucial to follow the treatment prescription. Note that this treatment is always more efficient when accompanied by a good life hygiene, healthy eating habits and physical activity. Also note that some insurance companies reimburse a portion of the costs associated with this treatment, just like massage therapy.

Elsa Chabot – Technician in endermologie and certified from the Danièle Henkel Academy

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