Medical aesthetics clinic

NOVADERMA is a humanistic clinic that adopts an innovative, safe and durable approach. We take the time to hear you out and understand your needs, to better guide you towards an adapted choice of treatments.

Since 2005, NOVADERMA is at both men and women’s service by staying informed about the newest technologies for ultra specialized treatments. These treatments are performed under medical supervision by strictly formed professionals, in order to provide a high quality service.

We know that miracle solutions do not exist. But, we have proven that by attributing the right treatment to the right person, results are surprising!

A team specialized in non-surgical medico-aesthetic treatments

Marlène Morin

Nurse, MScN, President

Professional injector and clinical trainer

Under the direction of Marlène Morin, holder of a Master of Science in Nursing, Novaderma’s team treats clients with the fineness and rigour. Marlène Morin, not only renown for her skills and leadership, but also for her heartwarming personality and sense of empathy, greatly contributes to Novaderma’s reputation.

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Andrew Benko


Medical supervision

Dr. Andrew Benko, a medical specialist associated with the clinic since day 1, offers a rigorous medical supervision. A thorough monitoring of our clientele is also part of the Novaderma approach, which ensures quality results as well as the safety of our innovative treatments.

Geneviève Grenier

Nurse injector

Geneviève Grenier, a certified nurse for more than 17 years, has worked in many different fields: intensive care, maternity, home care and teaching. From Mexico to Escoumins, she has acquired a diversified expertise, allowing her to find her vocation: medico-aesthetics, which she has been passionately practicing for 6 years. Artist at heart, her love for beauty and well-being are great assets!

Mélanie Parent
Medical Esthetic Technician
Graduate in aesthetics in 1993, Melanie perfected in the field of medico aesthetics since 2017. The well-being and satisfaction of its customers are dear to her heart.

Myriam Demers

Endermology technician

Myriam, being a formed beautician, has developed a strong interest for body care. Knowing all the latest Lipomassage techniques, she excels in her field. Constantly having her clientele’s objectives in mind, she always meets their expectations. With her soft and caring personality, she will know how to make you appreciate the benefits of the LPG technology.

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