Feared by many, wrinkles are caused by the natural aging process, but also by genetic factors, exposition to the sun, lifestyle and skin hydration. To rejuvenate the skin, erase deep wrinkles, fight skin sagging and wrinkled tissues, it is possible to avoid surgery thanks to solutions that are adapted to every skin type.

Treating expression wrinkles

Even if they reflect our personality, expression wrinkles are not always pleasant and many wish to reduce their appearance – or get rid of them. Expression wrinkles are often the first wrinkles to show up when the skin loses elasticity and cellular renewal slows down. We therefore see the lion’s wrinkle between the brows, horizontal lines on the forehead and crow’s feet around the eyes.


To erase expression wrinkles while preserving a natural aspect and avoiding surgery, neuromodulator injections are the solution. Injections such as Botox® , Dysport®  or Xeomin®  are known for their efficiency. Neuromodulators injected in the muscle responsible for our expression will relax the muscle to reduce the appearance of the expression on the skin. This quick treatment approved by Health Canada since 2001 gains popularity amongst men and individuals in their 30s who are concerned about their first wrinkles.

Reduce age-related wrinkles

Age-related wrinkles also appear due to the slowing of cellular renewal. The older we grow, the more elasticity and firmness our skin loses. Age-related wrinkles translate themselves into naso genial furrows, folds around the mouth as well as a loss of volume at the apples of the cheeks or the sagging of the skin at lower half of the face.

The most efficient non-surgical method is injecting hyaluronic acid, a volumizing injectable that fills in the wrinkles. Professionals that have experience in wrinkle filling will make sure to respect your morphology and the natural aspect of your face. Immediately after the treatment, the injections will give volume to the areas that received treatment and you will have an enhanced result a week later.

For optimal and durable results, the combination of both treatments is recommended: neuromodulator injections for the upper half of the face and expression wrinkles, and volumizing fillers for the loss of volume at the bottom of the face.


Another possible option

It is also possible to treat expression and age-related wrinkles with anti-aging lasers that will tone up the skin, tighten the pores of the face, enhance the texture of the skin and enlighten the complexion. Less efficient than injections, laser Titan offers a totally natural facial lift – an alternative for individuals avoiding injections. Laser Titan works with an inoffensive infrared red light that heats up the dermis in depth, under the surface of the skin. This heating provokes an immediate contraction of collagen. After a laser Titan treatment, the face is firmer and wrinkles are reduced.

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