sourcilsstarsEyebrows have been the trademark of many famous personalities. From Brooke Shields to Maripier Morin, the eyebrow takes all its importance. It allows to showcase and open the eyes as well as structure facial traits.

Over the years, it has gone from very thick to a simple thin line, to then come back in strength with a larger, but well-defined line. Unfortunately for those who followed the simple pencil trait trend : it does not regrow as we wish!

conseil_genevieveSo, what can we do?

Artist at heart, I started researching THE most natural and trendy technique to recreate beautiful eyebrows. For all those women that excessively removed their eyebrow hairs. For those who are tired of drawing their eyebrows day after day. To hide a scar or add density to a natural eyebrow. I found it! Here is the solution that will change your life – eyebrow-wise of course : microblading!

It is a trendsetting technology that allows to recreate, define and densify “the” eyebrow in a perfectly natural way. The metallic pen contains nano blades that draw, by dermopigmentation, a perfect replica of real eyebrow hairs! It gives a very natural look.

The technique is already very successful with our clients. Thus, no need to worry! Find “THE” eyebrow of your dreams with microblading.

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