Wrinkled skin is a common issue that arises when aging – it affects both men and women by affecting the cleavage and very often creating complexes. Furthermore, it can sometimes be an area that will reveal your age. What to do when wrinkles arise? Are there efficient solutions? Good news – the answer is yes!

Good habits to adopt

Cutaneous aging starts in the early 20s – it is therefore important to take care of our skin when the first signs of aging arise in order to delay them. Even though aging is a normal physiological process, it is still possible to help ourselves by adopting good habits:


  • Avoid too much exposure in the sun and wear a moisturizer that contains an SPF higher than 30;
  • Adopt a balanced diet (not too fat, not too sweet nor too salted);
  • Don’t smoke and avoid secondary smoke
  • Think of applying moisturizer on your neck and cleavage daily;
  • Sleep enough
  • Relax and avoid stress
  • Prioritize an unpolluted environment

All these practices will favour a good health.

Efficient methods to firm wrinkled skin

Aesthetic mesotherapy using Skinboosters

The appearance of wrinkles on the skin can be reduced using Skinboosters injections. Restylane Skinboosters is a new generation treatment made of hyaluronic acid – it efficiently firms and hydrates the skin.

The administration of Skinbooster is done by mesotherapy, which consists of subcutaneous microinjections. Thanks to this method, the skin can be plumped for at least 6 months.

Good to know:

Hyaluronic acid is naturally present in the skin. It regulates hydration and contributes to skin cell proliferation. Used in aesthetics treatments, it gives a plumped effect to the skin. With age, the presence of hyaluronic acid is reduced, which explains the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Hyaluronic acid injections are therefore ideal to give volume to the areas most affected by wrinkles and fine lines.

Venus Freeze treatment

Venus Freeze is an advanced technology that “smoothes” the skin by enhancing its firmness. The neck and cleavage are areas often affected by wrinkles since they are exposed to UV rays.

How does Venus Freeze smooth the cleavage skin? Using a sterile tip, a powerful yet painless energy will be released to head up the skin in depth to generate positive effects on the tonicity of the skin. Venus Freeze technology has many advantages. In addition to its renown efficiency, it is a secure approach that is FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved. In general, only 8 to 10 sessions are necessary to obtain long-lasting results. Each sessions last between 30 to 45 minutes and it is possible to go back to your daily activities right after the treatment.

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