The lion’s wrinkle is the expression wrinkle that appears between the brows, right under the forehead. It can become visible even when the face is resting – we are therefore speaking of visible wrinkles. The lion’s wrinkle is particularly visible since it is at the center of the face, aligned with the eyes, and can therefore give a disgruntled look. There are ways to prevent it from appearing or growing but to do so, we need to understand how it is formed. The repetitive contraction of the brow muscles is the main cause of the lion’s wrinkle. In fact, the skin at that area is particularly solicited, leaving the epidermis wrinkled. It is also important to consider our skin’s natural aging process. With time, the skin produces less collagen and tends to lose firmness. Those two actions combined create the wrinkles we see. Aging is an inevitable process, but expression wrinkles can sometimes mark the skin, usually starting in the 30’s. Happily, there are many solutions to delay their formation and soften their appearance.

What are the solutions to counter the lion’s wrinkle?

1 – Neuromodulator injections

Every skin sagging condition has its own treatment. The first step towards getting rid of the lion’s wrinkle is to help your skin react better to your face’s muscle contractions. Neuromodulator injections, by injecting natural proteins, will relax those muscles. Therefore, their solicitation will decrease and the skin less engaged in expressive movements, reducing the visibility of those wrinkles. This technique needs to be administered by a health professional that has experience in the injection field to tailor the treatment to your specific needs. There exists many different types of products – cosmetic Botox, Dysport and Xeomin are particularly recommended by our injectors for their efficiency and reliability. The injections are micro-dosed, simple, quick and non-surgical. The treatment is painless – patients often compare it to a small insect bite. Results can take from 1 to 2 weeks to be fully apparent and patients can go back to their daily activities right after the treatment. The results will last for 3 to 4 months and wrinkles will gradually reappear if the treatment is stopped which is why it is necessary to combine different treatments that target different causes of the lion’s wrinkle.


2 – Hyaluronic acid treatments

To counter the second cause of visible wrinkles, we need to fight against our skin’s aging process. After a certain time, our skin sags, relaxes and produces less collagen. Certain cosmeceutical products smooth the skin and stimulate collagen production. Efficient products like the TNS Recovery Complex gel from Allergan Laboratories’ Skin Medica, which uses a combination of growth factors, the 0.5 Retinol from Skin Medica as a night cream or the Eye Youth Complex serum by Is Clinical for the eye contour area, are ideal to enhance the complexion and texture of the skin. Those products can easily be integrated to your skincare routine and using them while receiving neuromodulator injections will boost the results. The lion’s wrinkle is smoothed out and your skin gradually finds its firmness for a more relaxed look.

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