Solutions for a skin free of imperfection

A healthy skin, free of imperfections, is an important asset for self-esteem. Gladly, it is possible to correct small skin imperfections and to give yourself all the confidence you deserve.

Novaderma offers a complete line of correcting treatments:

  • Laser treatments to eliminate couperose, rosacea, spots and acne scars.
  • EndyMed Intensif to improve skin firmness and quality, reduce wrinkles, acne scars and stretch marks.
  • Chemical peeling to improve skin appearance, reduce skin pigmentation irregularities and tighten skin pores.
  • Specialized creams to hydrate and deeply treat the skin, reduce wrinkles, treat acne, improve skin appearance and quality.

Creams and treatments can be efficient alone or combined. Novaderma’s specialized team will guide you towards the best solutions, adapted to your specific needs. Also, shop online here:

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