Solutions to eliminate cellulite and persistent body fats

We all dream of having a perfect body, without hardly putting any effort; now you can! Since magic is not an option, Novaderma offers you five methods that, alone or combined, give spectacular results to firm your body, eliminate persistent fats and inelegant cellulite.

Ready to reshape your silhouette?

Here’s what Novaderma suggests to make you look your best in your sexy dress!

1. VENUS LEGACY : cellulite, love handles, firmness

VENUS LEGACY technology, a new arrival at Novaderma, offers quick results to reduce cellulitelocalized fat deposits, thigh and stomach volume, while improving skin firmness. Privileged areas are thighs, buttocks, arms, stomach and back. Even though this treatment is not categorized as weight loss, we notice an important volume reduction in the treated area.

2. Venus Freeze : neck, stomach, smooth and firm arms

VENUS FREEZE was conceived to correct sagging skin resulting from post-pregnancy, aging or quick weight loss. It also works exceptionally well to smooth neck, arms and stomach skin.

3. LipoLaser : say goodbye to love handles!

Work out, diet… you tried them all, but it remains impossible to get rid of some localized fat deposits? LipoLaser is safe, painless and completely non-invasive. Privileged areas: the stomach and thigh interiors.

4. Endermology : get rid of cellulite!

Few of us escape it: cellulite. Gladly, we are not forced to keep this orange skin! With its efficient skin and subcutaneous mechanical massage, endermology® réduces cellulite by activating natural drainage processes of the fat tissues and skin.

5. Ideal Protein : lose your extra kilos!

The years – and the excess! – have left you with a few extra kilos? To quickly attain your dream weight: Ideal Protein. These foods are made of a protein base, superior in quality and of high biological value, which favours a quick weight loss, while conserving your muscular mass. Its detoxication agent even has positive effects to counter cellulite!

So, DARE wearing your sexy dress!
Feel comfortable in your skin, love your body and say: “I love myself, I adore myself! “

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