Cellulite affects a great majority of women. In fact, we estimate that 9 out of 10 women have an “orange peel” skin. Treating cellulite is laborious and sometimes impossible without targeted intervention. Here are our efficient solutions to reach a nice silhouette as well as smooth and firm thighs.

What is cellulite?

Unlike what most people think, cellulite is not necessarily related to a weight problem, but to genetic predispositions, blood and lymphatic circulation dysfunctions, bad life hygiene, stress and mostly to changes in feminine cyclical hormones.

Cellulite is in fact a disruption of blood flow in the hypodermis. The “orange peel” aspect of the skin comes from fat accumulating in adipocytes, fat cells of the hypodermis, and water retention in surrounding tissues (dermis and hypodermis). Blood and lymphatic flow are reduced, which prevents toxins from being fully eliminated in those areas. Result – cellulite appears at the surface of the skin. This phenomenon starts at puberty and is not easily treated by conventional aesthetics methods. Furthermore, sport is usually not enough on its own to efficiently treat cellulite.


How to get rid of cellulite on thighs?

The lipolysis principle

Lipolysis, also known as adipolysis or lipodissolution***, is a process that involves lipid degradation, and therefore, freeing acidic fat. Venus Legacy is a renown** technology used in clinics to treat cellulite, using lipolysis efficiently. The first results are quick (under 10 sessions) and pain free – a reduction of waist circumference as well as an improvement in skin firmness. The fat masses that make up the “orange peel” are eliminated, causing a reduction of the unwanted volume at the thighs, buttocks, arms, double-chin and stomach. Venus Legacy is ideal to treat targeted areas, it is therefore a recommended technique to get rid of localized cellulite at the thighs.



Endermology is a drainage technique that uses a mechanical massage of the skin and subcutaneous tissues to reduce cellulite. Unlike lipolysis, it is a global method that can be used on the entire body to sculpt the silhouette and activate blood flow.


The Cellu M6 by LPG tool activates natural drainage processes of fat tissues and the skin. It also stimulates cells that produce collagen and elastin. This allows to rejuvenate and firm the skin while getting rid of fat tissues – the skin is sculpted, blood and lymphatic flow stimulated, cellulite reduced and the skin becomes firmer.


Having trouble getting rid of cellulite, even after putting lots of effort? Revising your diet and doing physical activity regularly does not always suffice to get rid of cellulite at the thighs. To obtain visible and durable results, opt for one of the renown medico-aesthetics techniques. Contact our health professionals for more information by calling 819-200-1552.

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