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Texture – Lift – Firmness


The revolution in skin rejuvenation can be translated as a combination of microneedles, radiofrequency and an active transdermal product, when necessary. EndyMed Intensif is the most sophisticated technology, to this day, to correct wrinkled texture, sagging skin, acne scars and stretch marks!

Particularities of EndyMed Intensif

The EndyMed Intensif is composed of 25 sterile microneedles that penetrate the skin at 90°, which allows the creation of micro-channels without breaking the tissues; also allowing active serums to penetrate between different skin layers (if necessary). These micro-punctures will cause a renewal of more than 25% of the epidermis, causing an inflammatory reaction and also offering a remodeling of the collagen and elastin.

Furthermore, the needles will release RF’s (radiofrequencies) under the surface of the skin, creating a “lift” and improving the skin’s firmness.

The products used must be designed to cross the epidermal barrier. Many options can be considered depending on the results wanted and the condition of the skin.


Did you know that only 0.3% of the ingredients found in cosmeceutical products truly penetrate the epidermal barrier?

Not every product is designed to cross this natural barrier. Many specific solutions, which are perfectly balanced, have been developed to work with this system. Here are the major ones used at Novaderma during an EndyMed Intensif treatment.


Vital WH

Quick recovery solution

Deeply hydrates skin cells, thanks to its hyaluronic acid component. Activates the gene responsible for collagen production. Remarkably reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Restores the skin for a soft and silky texture.

68% Hyaluronic acid serum

Anti-aging solution

Hyaluronic acid is naturally occurring in the skin, but its production considerably drops when aging, which provokes the formation of wrinkles and fine lines, drying out and the loss of structure. By using a solution concentrated at 68%, combined with multi-peptides and antioxidants, the serum acts in the remodeling and fixing of dermal collagen, giving the skin its elasticity and firmness.


Vital SM

Solution against recent or old stretch marks

This solution firms the skin, stimulates the activity of connective tissues and the cutaneous metabolism, using a special formula made of peptides and vitamins. Even though nothing makes stretch marks completely disappear, a “wow” effect is guaranteed!

During the treatment

We start by applying a local anesthesia to reduce the discomfort. Then, the EndyMed intensif treatment will be performed on the pre-established areas, creating a multitude of micro-channels that will allow the product to penetrate deep in the epidermis to enhance the beneficial effect.

Small red dots will appear on the skin during and after the treatment, which is normal: it signifies that channels for the penetration of the product were created. After the treatment, a redness and a sensibility will be noticed. The microscopic channels will close up within 90 days, following the treatment.

The treatment in clinic must be repeated monthly, 3 to 5 times.

The results

Right at the end of the treatment, a new collagen structure already starts to form in the deep layers of the skin, giving this treatment both immediate and progressive results.

We notice a net improvement in the texture, firmness, skin quality and a reduction of wrinkles and fine lines or stretch marks, depending on the treatment received.

Answers to your questions


The following illustration represents the penetration of the 25 sterile microneedles in the skin, releasing RF (radiofrequency) energy in depth.

The micro-channels created enhance the action of the products. Found below is the illustration of the differences in penetration of a cosmeceutical product when applied in a conventional manner vs a transdermal manner thanks to EndyMed intensif.


It can cause a certain discomfort, varying for each patient. The local anesthesia applied on the skin before the treatment reduces the discomfort.


An immediate redness after the treatment, small red dots and a skin sensitivity. These side effects usually disappear within less than 24 hours.

Super Serum™ Advance+

SUPER SERUM™ ADVANCE+® is a scientifically-advanced, clinically-proven formula that, for the first time, combines a 15% concentration of our next generation L-ascorbic acid (vitamin C) with Copper tripeptide growth factor (bioidentical), for enhanced anti-aging properties.

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