Rosacea natural treatment

Fine lines – Dilated pores – Acne scars


Laser Genesis treatment is a technological innovation that offers many advantages for the treatment of rosacea, fine lines, dilated pores and acne scars. Its action is very efficient. In general, the skin texture is greatly improved after the treatment. Result: a glowing and healthy skin complexion.

Laser Genesis features

The system functions on the non-invasive laser technology base and is used to safely and precisely treat fine lines, dilated pores, skin imperfections, scars and skin redness. After every treatment, you will notice small, but regular changes, without any side effects.

The treatments are done in a relaxing and painless manner and do not required anesthesia.



During your laser Genesis treatment

No gel nor anesthetic creams are required before the treatment: we will ask you to remove your makeup. In some cases, the treated area will have to be shaved. Our staff will gladly help you getting ready for the treatment.

During the laser treatment, a slight warming of the surface of the superficial dermis stimulates collagen rejuvenation. Furthermore, the heat is absorbed by dilated capillaries, reducing skin redness (selective photothermolysis).

Patients describe this technique as painless and pleasant. You will notice a slight warming of your skin as the headpiece of the laser scans the surface of the skin. After the treatment, no side effects will show up, except for a slight redness. If you are exposed to the sunlight, you will need adequate protection.

The results

The results are gradual. Usually, up to six sessions are necessary to obtain optimal results, but it can vary depending on the patient.

After four to five sessions, the treatment can give the skin a soft and young look by softening skin imperfections, which appeared during the natural skin aging process, but also by reducing the appearance of scars and damage caused by the sun. We will notice a toned skin, since the dilated pores will have closed; we will therefore notice a better skin texture. The treatment results, when looked at individually, will seem minimal but the global results, after many sessions, can be extraordinarily impressive.

Answers to your questions


Patients who have been treated by laser notice incredible results for the entire face, cleavage and neck. Furthermore, specialists recommend the procedure to reduce the appearance of recent scars on other parts of the body.


Diffuse redness of the skin (rosacea) is a noticeable redness appearing in the face, due to dilated microcapillaries (vessels that are not distinctly separated). The most frequently affected areas are the nose, forehead and cheeks. Diffuse skin redness is often related to rosacea acne and can be hereditary. The laser treatment improves the condition by a very soft treatment, which reduces this type of redness by selectively making the vessels coagulate.


Only a few patients have reported side effects. It is generally reported as light skin redness, disappearing a few hours after the treatment.

Revitalizing Cream

The Revitalizing Cream is formulated with Matrixyl™, a micro-fragment of collagen. It will help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Regular use will help even out complexion and maintain hydration.

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