Photorejuvenation treatment using Limelight facial IPL

Brown spots – Diffuse redness – Photodamage – Acne


Novaderma is one of the rare clinics that uses Limelight facial IPL technology to treat brown spots, skin redness, photodamage and acne. This treatment also tightens skin pores for a healthy-looking skin complexion.

Photorejuvenation by Limelight facial IPL (intelligent pulsed light), exclusive to Cutera, is different from other IPL technologies since it offers 3 spectra of specific wavelengths that can be adjusted for different skin types and different targeted problems. This unique technology eliminates brown spots in one treatment only, which cannot be done by other IPL devices.

Limelight Facial IPLtechnology’s features

Pulsed light allows to efficiently treat many different facial conditions such as brown spots, rosacea, sun damage and acne. Limelight IPL technology contributes in making the skin softer as well as having a glowing and uniform skin complexion.

The light emitted during this procedure is selectively absorbed by brown spots and red areas of the skin. When it reaches its target, the light is transformed into heat, which coagulates red blood cells (rosacea) or dries out melanin (brown spots). This safe and non-invasive method treats the skin without hurting its surface.


See the results for yourself

Here are some examples BEFORE/AFTER illustrating the efficiency of the treatment for:

  • brown spots
  • diffuse redness
  • dilated pores
  • fine lines
  • damage caused by the sun and acne
  • Before-Après 3 semaines
    After-Après 3 semaines
    AvantAprès 3 semainesAprès
  • Before-Après 1 mois
    After-Après 1 mois
    AvantAprès 1 moisAprès
  • Before-Après 3 semaines - 1 traitements
    After-Après 3 semaines - 1 traitements
    AvantAprès 3 semaines - 1 traitementsAfter
  • Before-Après 3 semaines - 1 traitements
    After-Après 3 semaines - 1 traitements
    AvantAprès 3 semaines - 1 traitementsAprès
  • Before-Après 1 mois - 2 traitements
    After-Après 1 mois - 2 traitements
    AvantAprès 1 mois - 2 traitementsAprès

During your Limelight IPL treatment

When we place the hand piece on your skin, you will have a temporary cold sensation. During the pulsation emission on your skin, you will feel a slight pinching. In general, the treatment lasts less than an hour, but it can vary depending on the region treated.

Number of sessions

Usually, one to two sessions are sufficient to obtain excellent results. Additional sessions can be necessary when treating very large areas, very dark spots, surfaces with many brown spots or for skins that are excessively damaged (photodamage).

The results

Immediately after the session, the treated areas can darken. A light redness can appear around the treated area, but usually disappears within hours. During the two weeks following the treatment, the dark areas disappear when exfoliating. The skin complexion will brighten up and glow.

Photodynamic therapy with Levulan for acne and actinic keratosis (scaly spots)

Photodynamic therapy using Levulan® is the most recent innovation for the treatment of mild to severe acne, even after failure of other treatments, including Accutane. We can therefore treat adolescents, women and men affected by this inconvenient condition, very efficiently and quickly.

This treatment requires the application of Levulan (5-aminolevulinic acid), a photosensitizing agent, which is then activated by an exposition to an intense pulsed light (Limelight IPL). In fact, scientific studies showed that IPL technology yields better results than the traditionally recommended simple blue or red lights. Three action mechanisms are implicated: first, the inactivation of the bacteria responsible for acne pustules, followed by the exfoliation of the dead cells, which liberates dilated and sick pores, and finally, the deactivation of the sebum production by the sebaceous glands, which means long-lasting benefits since the overproduction of sebum causes acne!

Actinic keratosis

Actinic keratosis (scaly spots) is an unaesthetic condition caused by the aging of the skin, but remains a precancerous skin lesion. The cells of these lesions divide more quickly than those of a healthy skin, becoming a selected target for photodynamic therapy using Levulan. The results are impressive, even after 1 to 2 treatments only.

Photodynamic therapy with Levulan is approved for:

  • Removal of actinic keratosis (precancerous lesions)
  • Improvement of dilated pores and skin texture
  • Reduction of brown lesions (lentigo)
  • Reduction of fine lines
  • Sebaceous hyperplasia

Answers to your questions


Technically, all areas presenting redness, brown spots or sagging can be treated. The face, cleavage, shoulders and arms are the most frequently treated areas, since they are the most exposed areas to sun rays. Lighter brown spots, red skin complexion and areas covered with freckles can also be treated using this technique.


No. As opposed to other systems, this treatment does not require any local anesthesia, nor any messy and unpleasant gels. This technique represents the new generation of pulsed light treatments (IPL)


It is possible that new spots appear after a while if the sun exposition is maintained. Use a solar protection when you are outside in order to prevent sun damage, which is caused by the UV rays of the sun (formation of new spots and excessive redness).

Antioxidant Capsules

The Antioxidant capsules contain 10% of vitamin C in the form of L-ascorbic acid. They will help enhance skin glow and improve its elasticity.

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