Clinical couperose laser treatment

Varicose veins


Vascular laser is an efficient fine point technology that treats dilated capillaries of the face (couperose) as well as varicose veins on the legs.

Vascular laser functioning

This laser emits an adapted wavelength (1064 nm) that allows the treatment of patients of any skin type or color.

The vascular laser sends impulsions, which makes the blood coagulate instantly in the blood vessels, destroying it, without affecting the surrounding tissues (selective photothermolysis).



During the vascular laser treatment

A tingling sensation can be felt during the treatment, but no anesthesia nor any topical anesthesia creams are required. After your treatment, a slight redness could appear (similar to a sunburn) for 1 to 2 days, and in rare cases, small ecchymosis (bruises).

Note that treated vessels will not reappear, but that new capillaries can form. This new progression can be limited by using appropriate skin care (sun protection, skin care products)

Number of sessions

One session of treatment is usually sufficient for the majority of the cases, but it can vary depending on the dispersal of the couperose present.

See the results for yourself

Here are some examples BEFORE/AFTER illustrating the efficiency of the treatments.

  • Before-Après 1 mois
    After-Après 1 mois
    AvantAprès 1 moisAprès
  • Before-Après 1 mois - 1 traitement
    After-Après 1 mois - 1 traitement
    AvantAprès 1 mois - 1 traitementAprès

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