Clinical permanent makeup and Microblading

Enhance facial traits


Permanent makeup and microblading are skin pigmentation techniques that use dermopigmentation (tattoo). It allows to precisely enhance facial traits such as eyebrows, eyes and lips.
Medical dermopigmentation allows to correct the appearance of scars and to redraw the mammary areola.

the treatment

Using a dermatograph pencil, we introduce pigments by scarification until the dermis, forming a well-defined drawing. The specialized device uses an electronic technology whose power and regularization prevents damage to the skin and reduces pain. The healing process is therefore minimal. A local anesthesia is performed after the first passage, to open the skin and allow the anesthesia to quickly penetrate.

We use high quality pigments that conform to the highest medical standards. Made of mineral and organic powders, they possess proven benefits: incredible luminosity and durability.

It is necessary to plan out 2 to 3 hours for every area. This includes the evaluation period, choice of drawing, colour and the tattoo.

Frequency of the treatments:

1 initial treatment, followed by a retouch session 4 to 6 weeks later. To repeat after 2 to 6 years depending on the patient.

We efficiently correct:

  • a very light, sparse or inexistent eyebrow implant whose line is not structured properly
  • asymmetrical or discoloured lips (due to herpes)
  • very light or sparse eyebrows
  • eyes or eyelids
  • scars and mammary areolas

Natural-looking eyebrows

MICROBLADING is a dermopigmentation technique that emerged from Japan. It quickly grew in the United States and in France. It is now getting very popular in Quebec. We use it to recreate and define a natural-looking eyebrow. We qualify this technique of “hair to hair”, since we draw the eyebrow hairs one by one for a very natural effect.

Microblading allows to:

  • correct and redefine eyebrows in a natural and semi-permanent manner
  • add density to a natural eyebrow
  • open the eyelid and create a very feminine look by positioning the eyebrow to your advantage
  • showcase your eyes
  • avoid drawing your eyebrows with a pencil

Step 1 – Creating the perfect line

While creating your eyebrow line, we work with you to make sure the results meet your expectations and that it will showcase your eyes. The shape and colour will be chosen according to your preferences and effect wanted, whilst respecting your facial harmony.

Step 2 – Dermopigmentation

Using a metallic pen and many microneedles that have a teardrop shape, we recreate the drawing of your eyebrows to give them a very natural look. The pigment is dropped in the first layer of the epidermis. It is therefore necessary to make retouches occasionally, since the colour will fade out gradually. A topical anesthesia can be used to reduce any discomfort.

Step 3 – Retouching

Depending on the case, it will be indicated to have retouches done 4 weeks after the first treatment, and then, every 6 to 15 months depending on the patient’s needs.

Well-defined lips

The contour of the lips often fades out with time. Redrawing the contour of your lips enhances the appearance of your mouth by giving it a better definition and a younger aspect. Lip pigmentation is also possible for those who desire naturally tinted lips. Often, lipstick fades out quickly or gets messy; It is therefore ideal for those who want a well-defined contour.

Corrected scars and redrawn mammary areolas

Medical dermopigmentation focuses on the therapeutic aspect of this technique. We use it to correct scars or to draw mammary areolas, for example after a surgery. It can also be used to enhance the appearance of hair density.

Answers to your questions


Dermopigmentation offers durable marking that eliminates the need to wear makeup every morning. That can be very convenient for the following:

  • people with a physical or visual disability, preventing or making it hard for them to put makeup on
  • athletic people who want a well-defined and durable lining
  • people who do not tolerate standard cosmetic products
  • men and women who desire impeccable traits at all times

Cons-indications: infections, nevus, active herpes, progressive ocular pathology, pregnancy or breastfeeding.


We call it permanent makeup, but this type of makeup is not used to create a glamour/night look. The word permanent does not mean that you will have that makeup for the rest of your life! We are talking about a sustainable pigmentation, meaning it will last about 2 to 3 years.

The duration of the permanent makeup can vary depending on different factors: sun exposure, choice of colours and lifestyle. Natural exfoliation of the skin can also reduce the intensity of the pigments, until completely erasing them (slowly or quickly).


The particularities of the device used prevents skin damage. The healing process is therefore minimal. A local anesthesia is performed after the first passage to open the skin and allow the anesthesia to quickly penetrate.


It is possible to return to your activities immediately after your treatment. A slight swelling will appear during a few hours following the dermopigmentation. Furthermore, the intensity of the pigment will gradually fade during the first week.

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